Gold, Rare Earth Elements and Ilmenite


Yambo Project Permits

EPMs 27606, 27616, 27914 and 27926

These contiguous permits lie 100 km WSW of Laura. Significant gold and heavy mineral alluvial targets exist, most notably along the 21 km of the Palmer River channel which transects the project area. An exploration target of 35-40 million m³ @ 0.24 g/m³ Au and 2.5% heavy minerals is plausible (over 250,000 oz Au).

Heavy minerals recorded in previous assessments include garnet, monazite, ilmenite, zircon, rutile and xenotime. Widespread gold-bismuth quartz veins within a 15km2 zone of the Stewart Creek catchment will be investigated including gossanous outcrops that have returned grades of 16.0 g/t Au and 9.0 g/t Au. Historic sampling of quartz veins in the upper Kennedy River include six outcrop assays ranging from 6 to 18 g/t Au. Numerous crescent-shaped features have similar radiometric signatures to mapped Tertiary paleo-channels. Historic drainage sampling of a large paleo-floodplain within the King River catchment to the north of the Palmer River in EPM27606, returned anomalous gold, cerium, lanthanum & yttrium stream geochemistry. A review of historic geochemical exploration has identified regional targets anomalous in tellurium, lead, zinc, thorium, tin, iron, neodymium, lanthanum, yttrium, palladium and nickel.